Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cigar smoking tips and bits of advice I've learned over the years. Are they all true? Who knows?

I've been smoking cigars for many years and have visited hundreds of humidors across the continent. In my travels I have met many other cigar smokers and we often share little tips (some of which are probably total B.S.). Here are a few of the things I've learned:

  • Don't lick or moisten your entire cigar. If it needs more moisture it probably isn't humidified properly.
  • As you light your cigar, slowly rotate it over the very top of the flame without drawing. Then when the outer edge is darkened and slightly singed, begin drawing as you continue rotating.
  • Never flick your ash off (hee hee, he said "flick your ash off"). If you must remove the ash, gently rub the ash on the rim of your ashtray or elsewhere.
  • Don't use Zippo or Bic lighters to light a cigar. The flame gets crazy and flickers all over the place giving you an uneven light and burn.
  • Don't buy expensive Colibri lighters. They are way too sensitive and a pain in the ass to mail back for repair/replacement. I currently have about $250 worth of useless Colibris.
  • Do buy the much cheaper Firebird lighters (distributed by Colibri, but I don't think they make them). The also have SST torches (or something similar) for precise lighting and seem to last MUCH longer than more expensive lighters.
  • Do not put cigars in the freezer. Seems like a no-brainer but I have run across many who have done this.
  • As much as you may love cigars, never eat one.

Okay, I'm obviously running out of actual tips. If you have others, please send them for me to share here and on Twitter.


  1. If in "rubbing" one out (meaning the ash) you make the ashtray look like this ( then you're doing it wrong, and could get pummeled in some cigar shops.

    I've found lightly tapping the ash on the side of the ashtray is sufficient. If the ash doesn't fall, it isn't ready yet. There's no need to scrape off every bit of ash off the end of your cigar between puffs. Doing so results in a hotter burn and worse, potentially harsher, flavor.

    Otherwise, good stuff. Carry on.

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