Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad joke translations funnier than the jokes - really funny jokes

Sometimes the funniest things aren't intended to be funny. In this case, they're intended to be funny, yet they are mostly  funny in a totally different manner than intended.

As you may know, I have a number of web sites (Click On Comedy, Interactive Lunacy, Cell Phone Reality TV, Dirty Joke Show), most of them just an outlet for my desire to share the stupid shit I think of or discover. Okay, they are also a way to generate a little extra money with advertising revenue and additional comedy gigs.

So, as part of my webmaster duties, I research other websites (aka: competitors) to see how their sites are doing, how my relevant keywords compare to theirs and blah, blah, blah. On this occasion I was comparing other sites to a joke page I created which contained a few hand-picked jokes directly from "The Dirty Joke Show" starring Geechy Guy and appearing nightly at Hooters Casino in Las Vegas (plug, plug). 

While researching the keywords "funny jokes" I came across a web site that came up very high in the rankings even though the content didn't actually qualify as "really funny jokes."

I don't know any of this to be true, but I believe that the owner of this site is in another country, let's say Indonesia. And he/she has taken funny Indonesian jokes and translated them to English. These "really funny jokes" were then posted on their web site and promoted as a "really funny jokes" page. (Notice how I keep repeating "really funny jokes?" That's so when others are searching for "really funny jokes" they may find this blog page. I'm such a whore.)

Here are a few examples of the translated really funny jokes:

"A political man come in football final as a chief guest . when the match ends then he said i m really unhappy to see the situation both team players are running behind the one ball. give me votes i will give separate separate football to every one. Nice Best Funny Joke!"

"two friends met together first said: once a time a horrible accident was take place with me. lion was come in front of me and trying to eat me,
second friend : then what you do?
first friend: i will go to other side from the cage of lion.
Marvelous Best Funny Joke!"

"mother to son: son what happened?
son : nothing mom a little injury takes on my finger.
mother: then why you don’t weep?
son: i thought that you are not at home.
Nice Best Funny Joke!"

[NOTE: I actually understand this joke.]

"a elephant and mouse was best friends, one day mouse ask the age of elephant.
elephant replied: two years.
mouse: repeat the question.
elephant again replied two years then mouse said i m also of 2 years just i m not well due to illness.
Awesome Best Funny Joke"

"child to other:what can you like laughing or weeping .
2nd replied: weeping.
1st child : why?
2nd child: because my father can gave me money to stop crying.

Cant stop laughing, really good best Funny Joke!"

Oh please, stop. My sides. My sides.

Let me know if you want more funny translations of really nice best awesome marvelous funny jokes.


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