Saturday, September 29, 2012

WTFWIT Cooking show - incredible, spicy, breakfast tortilla recipe

Even though I often eat evil food, we usually try to eat well and healthy at our house. Not a lot of red meat and we watch the sugars. Sometimes we watch them go from the products they're in, right into our tummies, but we try. We really try. So, shut up. And eat.

One of my favorite meals to cook is breakfast. Over the years I have almost completely eliminated added salt, and when I cook eggs I get rid of the yolk. I don't miss the salt, but sometimes I miss the yolk.

Anyway, this is my first recipe video, where I share how I prepare my Spicy Breakfast Tortilla.

I really think that if I had a nicer supply of cookware, like the stuff you can get at Macy's, or J. C. Penny (, that I could be an even better cook. There are also a lot of great cookware deals at, in case anyone is looking to buy me gifts. Oh yeah, and and I also like Android devices (as you can see at my Hooked On Droid site).

Honestly, when I prepare my breakfast feasts they are always different. Although, you will always see a spicy theme. Soon, I'm going to share my recipe for the Omelet From Hell.

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