Thursday, December 8, 2011

What would you rather forget, your cell phone or your cigar saver?

For me, one of the most important cigar accessories is the cigar saver . It's really nothing more than a plastic tube with a hinged lid on it. You can take a lit cigar, drop it down the tube where it will be immediately extinguished, and then pull it out later to re-light and enjoy.

Even though I'm neurotically attached to my Android device, I would rather forget my phone than my cigar saver. Since it is a very rare occasion that I can enjoy an entire cigar in one sitting, the cigar saver affords me the ability to step out, enjoy part of a cigar and save the rest for later.

The only drawback to using a cigar saver is that when you place a fully lit cigar into it, the lighted end turns into a hard charcoal-like nub, making it a bit difficult to re-light. I don't recommend this with a really expensive cigar, but with my Quorum's I have developed a nearly flawless method of flicking off the hard nub much in the same manner that you would flick a booger. (Oh come on, you know you do it.)

Another tip if you plan to purchase a cigar saver: before you drop your lit cigar down the tube (lighted end down), take a reverse puff. Blow "through" the cigar forcing the smoke out the lighted end. This will get the stale smoke out of the cigar and will taste much better upon re-lighting.

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