Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cigar accessory review: push button cigar puncher

I believe that cigar smokers are the easiest people in the world to buy gifts for. Of course you can always buy me an expensive cigar, which will be greatly appreciated, but there are so many other things that are welcomed by tobacco stick suckers.

How about a nice bottle of Scotch (single malt or a good blend)? A new lighter perhaps (not a Bic)? Or, one of those clippy things to put your cigar on while golfing? A new humidor? Cigar cases? Cutters? Okay, maybe even some breath freshener. We're so easy.

I bought myself a cigar accessory gift a couple of weeks ago. More out of necessity than anything else. My two-piece pocket cigar puncher wouldn't properly snap closed, so it would come apart in my pocket, leaving the razor plugging end exposed and available to create holes in my pants.

I do own a few cutters, but prefer the cigar punchers for most cigars except torpedos. I have a cutter attached to my humidor, a bullet in my car (44 Magnum...most powerful cigar cutter in the world...), but I MUST carry one in my pocket so I'm always ready for the next cigar experience.

So, while at the cigar store stocking up on my bundle of Quorum's, I decided to blow a whole extra dollar and get the pop-out cigar punch with the push-button ejector ($5.95). So far, I love this little thing. Just make sure you keep your fingers away from the retracting button while you're doing the actual plugging. Watch the video demo below and then order your very own retractable cigar punch here: