Monday, August 11, 2014

Pondering Randomly - Hey, someone has to think of this crap!

Okay, okay, I know I've been negligent. If you really need to get a fix of my absurd ramblings, make sure you friend me on Facebook and/or follow on Twitter. Okay, here goes:

Ultimate Photo Bomb: If you want to piss off friends and family, the next time someone hands you their phone and asks you to take their picture, switch the camera to the forward facing camera, tell them to smile and click a picture of yourself. Then quickly close the screen and hand them back their camera.

My Plan to Help the Economy: Statistically, the richest people in the country are senior citizens. So, instead of giving seniors a discount, we should charge them more. Wait! Scratch that.

Normalcy: I took a Sominex and washed it down with a Red Bull. Man did I feel normal.

Naming your dog: I wanted to name my new dog Shot or Bucket, so it would be funny when I called her.

Nice to Meet You: My new introduction when I meet someone: "Hi, my name is Gary. But my friends call me Dick."